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18 January 2022

Official Launch Date of First BRIKbc Projects BRIK Token Series “ $BRIKkoala ”

11 January 2022

BRIKbc Projects is proud to announce the OFFICIAL LAUNCH DATE of our first BRIK Property Token Series

 “ $BRIKkoala ”.

OFFICIAL LAUNCH DATE: Australian Time – Friday, 14 January 2022 at 5:00am – Brisbane, Australia Time

Other Time Zones: -

- New York, USA: Thursday, 13 January 2022  at 2:00pm

- Los Angeles, USA:  Thursday, 13 January 2022  at 11:00am

- UTC:  Thursday, 13 January 2022   at 7:00pm

- Copenhagen, Denmark:  Thursday, 13 January 2022  at 8:00pm

- London, UK:  Thursday, 13 January 2022  at 7:00pm           

- Johannesburg, South Africa: Thursday, 13 January 2022  at 9:00pm

Our first Tokenised Real Estate Property BRIK Token Series, $BRIKkoala, is based in Brisbane, Australia (5km from CBD). A high-end luxury residential family home rented out to tenants indefinitely.

Link to $BRIKkoala - property details .

Brisbane has recently been named the 2032 Olympics City (which also has events on the Gold Coast which is 100km south of Brisbane and Sunshine Coast which is 100km north of Brisbane), and these our geographical areas of focus. Our BRIK Property Tokens Series’ focuses on high end luxury residential family homes in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast that are rented investments.

The BRIKkoala token series is made up of 40,000 Tokens. See link to Ethereum Blockchain Scan showing the $BRIKkoala  Token Series.

To access the $BRIKkoala Property Token Series, please go to our BRIKbc Property Tokens Platform on our website:

Our BRIKbc Property Tokens Platform has been built and maintained by one of the world’s leading Property Tokenisation Blockchain Developers, DigiShares (lead by its great CEO, Claus Skaaning).

We look forward to providing access to our BRIKbc Platform to all people from all walks of life around the world to own Real Estate Property through our BRIK Property Tokens Series.


Luis Miguel Aleixo

Managing Director

BRIKbc Projects

BRIKbc Projects engages CoinSpot as the Cryptocurrency Exchange Service Provider

20 October 2021

BRIKbc Projects is proud to announce its service arrangement with CoinSpot, a leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Service Provider, to deliver cryptocurrency exchange services to BRIKbc Projects and its customers by way of acquiring $USDC cryptocurrency (USD coins), conversion services from traditional currencies (eg. $AUS, $US, $Euro etc) to/from cryptocurrencies, providing centralised wallets for $USDC/other cryptocurrencies.

BRIKbc Projects will also like to set aside any benefits provided by CoinSpot for customers that use the BRIKbc CoinSpot referral code when signing up, towards the charity organisation/s adopted by BRIKbc Projects.

BRIKbc Projects Managing Director, Luis Aleixo, stated, “Given CoinSpot’s leadership in Cryptocurrencies’ Exchanges, ease of use platform, speed of deposits/withdrawals and most importantly the trust established, we are excited to work with such a proven organisation.”

DigiShares and BRIKbc Projects partner to Tokenise Australian Real Estate Property

 11 October 2021

BRIKbc Projects is proud to announce its partnership with DigiShares, a global leading end-to-end white-label platform for property tokenisation, to deliver blockchain technology to Australian Property Tokenisation by way of digitise, tokenise and manage the BRIK Series Tokens for all BRIKbc Projects’ Australian Real Estate Projects.

DigiShares CEO, Claus Skaaning stated, “We are excited to work with BRIKbc. BRIKbc has invented a novel approach to real estate tokenization that enables retail investors to participate which we view as critical to the success of the entire space. BRIKbc is an exciting new player in the market that we look forward to working with.”