BRIKbc Projects

"provide access to anyone from anywhere in the world to own at least one BRIK in Real Estate Property"


Australian Real Estate Property available to all on the BlockChain

BRIKbc Digital Property Tokens provides entry access to Real Estate Property to all people from all walks of life

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BRIKbc Projects provides the platform to buy the unique initial Property Tokens linked to each Real Estate Property Token Series.

By focusing on presenting high quality luxury Real Estate Properties in blue-chip locations in Australia. 

Each BRIK Token series represents one Real Estate Property Project.

Anyone around the globe can own at least one BRIK


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BRIKdolphin Property 

Currently Available

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with Traditional Direct Real Estate Property Ownership

Long Purchase Process

Long process from purchase to settlement of property.

Lack of Transparency

The lack of transparency, frustration and honesty when buying and selling.

High Property Cost

High entry cost to buy property directly.
Minimum Property Cost in Brisbane, Australia US$400,000.


Cannot be easily sold.
Lack of potential Buyers.

Finance Capability

Traditional Bank finance capacity requirements are too rigorous by focusing on two main areas.

1. Income levels to service loan.

2. Generally you have to provide 20% of the purchase cost of the property, as banks will only lend 80% of the cost of the property.

Long Financing Approval Time Frame

Long process time to obtain Finance Approval.

High Transaction Costs

Transaction Costs to exchange Property.

Buying: Legals, Finance Costs, Government Purchase Taxes

Selling: Real Estate Agent Fees (between 2% - 6%), Legals, Finance Costs and Government Taxes.

Servicing Loan Inflexibility

Inability to change loan commitments if income received changes due to negative situations in life.

Only Fiat currency is accepted

Only fiat currency is accepted when purchasing the property.

Geographic Location Restriction

Restricted in locations where you have your Real Estate Properties in your portfolio.

Ownership Proportion

You either own 100% or 0% of the property.


Some people around the world have never had the chance to use a bank and build a credit rating.

Real Estate Property Portfolio with a blend of Crypto Currency

BRIKbc provides the platform to grow your Real Estate Property Portfolio and your Crypto Currency Portfolio at the same time where the net property rent is invested into major crypto currencies.

Residential Properties

BRIK Tokens series currently available to purchase

Queensland, Australia

Sunshine State - Beautiful one day, Perfect the next.

BRISBANE, Queensland (Olympic City 2032)

Inner City - North 

Property Name: Koala

Token Series Name: $BRIKkoala

Token Price: US$80.00

Total Tokens for Sale: 33,000

Total Property Cost: US$2.6 million

Property Status: Established Home


Currently Available 


BRIKkoala Counter

updated daily




Visual Counter >>> 1 Koala = 10,000 BRIKkoala Tokens

< 🐨




GOLD COAST, Queensland (state)

Mermaid Beach/Miami Beach - Gold Coast

Property Name: Dolphin

Token Series Name: $BRIKdolphin

Token Price: US$80.00

Total Tokens for Sale: 33,000

Total Property Cost: US$2.6m

Property Status: New Build 

(completion early 2024)


Currently Available 

Dolphin Counter

updated daily




Visual Counter >>> 1 Dolphin = 10,000 BRIKdolphin Tokens

< 🐬




WHY buy a BRIK?

Minimum 1 BRIK

Minimum of one BRIK for under US$100

Bluechip Locations

Leverage of experience, local knowledge and local network in sourcing Property Projects in ideal locations.

Local Network

Local network of trusted relationships over many years involved directly and indirectly in the Real Estate industry

Long Term Holding

All Real Estate Properties are held long term to fully realise its full value.

Sale of Tokens on Secondary Market

Provides liquidity through secondary market to sell BRIKbc Tokens.

Crypto Assets

Net Rent from Property is invested monthly into major Crypto Currencies. 

Crypto Currency Payment

Crypto currency payment for BRIKbc Tokens.

Geographic Diversity

Ability to diversify your Real Estate Property Portfolio across various geographical locations.

Internal Management of Assets

Both the Real Estate Property and Crypto Assets are managed internally by the BRIK related entities.

BRIKbc Tokens Model

BRIKbc Token Sales Process

Each BRIK series is sold as an initial BRIK Token sale on the BRIKbc Platform

1.New BRIK Tokens Series

Announcement is made when a new BRIK Token series is available for Purchase.

2.New BRIK Tokens available

BRIK Tokens go on sale when date is announced for each series.

3.All BRIK Series Tokens sold

Once all BRIK Tokens are sold, property will be purchased and settled

4. Holding of BRIK Tokens

All BRIK Tokens are held in BRIKbc Platform Token Wallet.





BRIK Token Series: <Name>

BRIKbc Property Process

The Purchase and Holding of Property

1. Purchase Property

2. Maintain Property & Invest Net Rent in Major Crypto Currencies

3. Asset Held Long Term

BRIKbc Token Value = ( Property Value + Crypto Currency Value) / Number of Total Tokens

Each BRIKbc Token is unique to its Specific Property Series

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